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Montreal Casino: Casino De Montreal Review

As a tourist, you’d definitely not want to miss the casinos located in the Montreal. Montreal is the most lively place in the Canada where tons of events happen every month. However, Montreal is also known for its casinos and nightlife. Having been in the casinos of Las Vegas and other prominent city in the USA and China,  we ought to check out the standards of casino in Montreal. Our (me, wife and a few friends) journey to the “Casino De Montreal” was a pleasant surprise for all. It is one of the world’s largest casinos. With nearly $222.5 million revenue in 2012-13, Casino De Montreal, is one of the top earning casino in Québec.  But how does it compare with the world’s biggest Casinos located in the world like Venetian Macao and Foxwoods Resorts Casino etc. Find out our honest Casino De Montreal review to know whether it is a worth visiting for a foreign tourist or not.

Features of Casino De Montreal

  • 3,200 slot machines
  • 120 gaming tables
  • Four restaurants
  • Three bars
  • Cabaret

Overview and History

Casino De Montreal is the largest casino in Canada. It is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau (an island on the St. Lawrence river), across the Old Port of Montreal. It was made open to the public on October 9, 1993. It is open 24/7, only for 18 years and above. Visitors under the age of 25 are required to show a government issued photo ID as a proof of age. The Casino De Montreal is highly equipped with surveillance cameras and highly sophisticated security, inside and outside the facility. The vibrant atmosphere in the casino makes it indeed a place to be always.

casino de montreal

Casino De Montreal is owned and operated by the Société des casinos du Québec, who also own couple of casinos in the province. This casino attracts millions of visitors every year from all across the globe. It is located in the Île Notre-Dame in Montreal, Quebec. Casino De Montreal consists of three buildings: The French and Quebec Pavilions, which were built for Expo 67 and the third which is an annex built by the casino. This casino provides one of the largest game selections. It is known for its splendid architecture and interiors.

Most of the casinos are designed in such a way that the players don’t realize what time of the day it is, however the Casino De Montreal is designed with windows and low ceilings. In fact, this is one of the most fascinating things about this casino. It is considered to be one of the finest nightlife cities The floors are made of glass and you can see water flowing beneath the glass. The casino’s interior is vivid and full of color with its fully lit neon lights. However the exterior resembles a strong ship over the water with its fully white look. It looks very peaceful and cool. In the casino, customers are served in 32 different languages. The place is very vast and it is worth visiting.

Within the three structures, there are more than 120 gaming tables, about 3200 slot machines, a large number of speed lotteries and virtual games and is considered to be one of the finest casinos in the world. The casino has many blackjack tables for the Quebec folks, including poker. It also has four restaurants, four bars, ATM and banking facilities (for depositing your winnings) and a cabaret. The venue provides stunning views of the city and gives a different feel altogether and is the only one in the city where you can have your meal while watching a show. It also has buffet facilities which offer a variety of food.

montreal casino

Game winnings are paid in full and are non-taxable. The cashier does not have a banking counter, however there are services that are provided like: Foreign currency exchange, cashing travelers checks and direct withdrawals. It also offers free car parking and Free WIFI network. Also offers free non-alcoholic beverages. It is a non-smoking casino which has practice tables as well for the learning ones. The Casino De Montreal offers electronic racetracks, a keno-lounge, electronic bingo and a special section for high rollers. The entertainment in the casino varies each month. The Casino de Montreal is worth a visit.

Experience and Review

Surprisingly, there is no entrance fee charged by the Casino De Montreal, which is fascinating considering the wide array of services offered by them. Such option made it possible for us to visit one of the most beautiful casinos on the earth. In case, if it is convenient, then we highly recommend visiting the casino during the night. Night junkies will definitely love the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, there are certain strict rules imposed by the local government, which made it difficult for the visitors like us to enjoy the casino to the fullest. They have some stringent dress code and age requirements (which is ok considering it is a law imposed by the government). The six story building is eye pleasing from the outside, but painfully repetitive inside. It is easy to get lost in the casino had they not put the signs properly. However, you are in for a crummy treatment from the staff. The surly staff acts as if they are doing a huge favor. The richness of Las Vegas casino is surely missing over here. The slot machines are age old and are often very annoying to deal with. The worst of all is a wait list. Oftentimes, you’d end up waiting for hours to play the game which is a measure deal breaker for any of the casino game players. Why such a big casino still sticks with an old age slot machine? A big disappointment overall if you are used to the facilities provided at the casino in Las Vegas.

In case, if you are a vegetarian, then you find it super difficult to get a food of your choice. Moreover, the food is expensive and under-prepared. It took them ages to deliver the food to our room after the order. Even, the dinner was not hot enough to enjoy. There is definitely an ample space for improvement as far as food is concerned. Possibly, due to the rush they have, they are unable to handle the large order.  Overall, our experience with Casino De Montreal was mixed. 

Casino De Montreal
  • Games - 8.0/10
  • Facilities - 6.0/10
  • Staff - 4.0/10
  • Food - 6.0/10
  • Service - 7.0/10


Casino De Montreal, as one of the largest casino in the Canada offers very good casino facility to the people visiting Montreal. Overall, it's a good casino with tons of facility, but the entire taste gets bitter due to unfriendly staff and some stringent rules. It'd be unwise to compare it with the Las Vegas casinos, but it is still a good place to spend your night in Montreal.


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